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Action for Southern Africa

ACTSA, a non profit making NGO, grew out of the Anti-Apartheid Movement upon South Africa's transition to majority rule in 1994. It promotes peace, democracy and development in Southern Africa (as defined by membership of SADC - the Southern African Development Community). ACTSA produces development education materials, organises speaker tours, mobilises public and trade union solidarity and works with decision-makers on a wide range of issues including HIV/AIDS, trade, debt, peace and responsible investment. ACTSA benefits from strong relationships with local NGOs and other civil-society actors.

ACTSA currently employs 7 full time paid staff. It is a democratically run membership organisation.

ACTSA has a membership of over 3,000 individuals and affiliates such as trade unions which contribute approximately two-thirds of the organisation's income.

ACTSA is committed to equality of opportunity and works towards this objective internally and through its activities.