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Our Vision
To pioneer in the development of charitable sector by establishing sustainable development projects that secure the future of humanity 
Our Message:
Empowering unprivileged communities and individuals around the world by working with them hand in hand through sustainable development projects and endowments to attain self-sufficient standard of living
By directly working with donors and charitable bodies in creating, studying, and implementing these projects we ensure optimum utilization of charitable work resources 
Humanitarian Values 
Blesses charity provides equal help to all those in need regardless of gender, race, national origin, religion, age, marital status, or disability; intellectual convictions; political situations; or other discriminatory considerations – All human beings are equal when it comes to their need for help
Blesses charity is an international non-governmental foundation which was set up under the charity commission in the UK & Ireland ; therefore, it has the right to establish offices in various parts of the world in virtue of and with a commitment of laws of different states. It enjoys full independence where all decisions are taken by its departments, team works and in complete isolation from any influence of any other party.
Transparency and Accountability: 
Blesses charity strives for openness and transparency in all aspects of its work to strengthen the trust for our donors and beneficiaries, whether they are individuals or organizations.
Innovation and Creativity:
We are a charity that is dedicated to the development of charitable work through innovative and creative ideas for development and endowment projects and insuring them to be more effective in order to achieve our Vision, and transforming lives and communities around the world by making them effective and productive members of their society.
Humanitarian Cooperation: 
We are eager initiate cooperation with all institutions and individuals within the framework of “Blesses charity’s” objectives and its values.

Contact details

6 Whitehorse mews, 37 Westminster Bridge Road, SE1 7QD